Dr Jack Newman - Breastfeeding Help and Lactaion Consultant Training  
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Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

Mission Statement

To empower mothers to achieve their own breastfeeding goals by providing compassionate and comprehensive support along with current and consistent advice by informed practitioners.

Our purpose

At the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic (nbc), we understand the frustration felt by mothers who have received contradictory and conflicting advice about breastfeeding. We recognize the importance of empowering these mothers through consistent education and understanding. In a supportive and relaxed atmosphere, we teach mothers how to:

  • Achieve the best latch possible, supporting the mother so that she can repeat this on her own at home
  • Tell the difference between a baby's sucking and actually getting milk
  • Recognize early feeding cues and knowing when baby has really had enough
  • Relax so that the mother and the baby may enjoy a relaxed and positive breastfeeding experience

In our clinic we will listen to the mother, help diagnose her breastfeeding concerns, treat her pain or milk supply issues, and help her to prevent future problems.