Dr Jack Newman - Breastfeeding Help and Lactaion Consultant Training  
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Clinic visit
  • Prevention of breastfeeding challenges
  • The non-latching baby
  • Sore nipples and breast pain including: Candida albicans, Mastitis, Abscess
  • Milk supply issues
  • Multiples
  • Induced lactation for surrogacy/adoption
  • Unique challenges including: Tongue tie, cleft palette, Trisomy 21
The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals including: International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Physicians, Nurses, La Leche League, Doulas, and visiting Naturopaths. As our Clinic is part of a teaching facility, observers from all over the world visit us daily, as do medical, naturopathic, nursing, and midwifery students. NBCI offers support and treatment for mothers experiencing breastfeeding challenges and presents prenatal breastfeeding classes for expectant families.

We provide consistent and evidence-based information that empowers mothers to successfully reach their own breastfeeding goals.

At the clinic you will be seen one on one in your own room. You will be seen by a lactation support person and by the pediatrician on staff that day: Dr. Jack Newman or Dr. Hilary de Veber, and Edith Kernerman. Your visit typically will last about 1 hour. You may bring a partner or support person with you, or two, as necessary. Grandparents are very welcome! You absolutely must bring baby with you!!! This is a breastfeeding clinic and breastfeeding is a two-person activity. Please do not come without baby (unless, of course, this is a prenatal appointment!)

Appointments can be made online here.

Online breastfeeding Help

Please see Breastfeeding Help

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

We offer prenatal breastfeeding classes for soon-to-be parents. Our focus is to get mothers off to the best possible start by providing comprehensive information on:
  • The physiology of lactation
  • The importance of skin-to-skin care
  • Care of the newborn
  • Evidence-based breastfeeding practices
This is a 3-hour prenatal breastfeeding class for mothers and their partners. The class is kept very small and is structured to facilitate questions and discussions. This class is intended for first-time parents or parents with one or more children.

The Institute and Education for Healthcare Professionals

NBCI offers educational courses for lactation consultants, physicians, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, doulas, and those wishing to sit their IBLCE exam to become a professional Lactation Consultants.